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Cone Crusher Feeders Improve Cone Crusher Performance

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Ensure Quality Products an Protect Cone Crusher Equipment

Center Hole Cone Crusher Feeders are specifically designed to improve cone crusher performance at the tertiary and quaternary crushing stage. When processing sand, gravel, granite, minerals, rock, and other aggregate products there is a typical flow of material through multiple crushing stations. Primary to secondary to tertiary and sometimes even quaternary if the material calls for it. The primary crushing station takes the large material from the quarry and reduces its size to around eight to twelve inches. The material is then conveyed to the secondary the secondary crusher which reduces the size of the material to around three to five inches. The material then moves to the tertiary crusher where the material is reduced in size again often to its usable size. If finer material is being produced the material will sometimes pass through a quaternary crushing station.

Cone crushers are the typical crusher used at the tertiary crushing stage. To help ensure a quality on-spec material and long operating life cone crusher feeders, also known as center hole feeders, are used to feed the material into the cone crusher. These specially designed feeders provide a 360-degree peripheral feed of material into the crusher which produces production benefits over traditional pan feeder designs: reduce amount of equipment, improve wear life of the crusher, reduce maintenance downtime, higher yields of cubicle material, and return on investment.

Improve Wear Life of Cone Crusher

The 360 degree uniform peripheral feed created by the cone crusher’s center hole design enables the material to feed straight down into the cone crusher covering all sides of the crusher. In comparison a traditional feeder’s more horizontal feeding into the crusher causes material to favor a specific side of the crusher. This causes faster wear on the favored side when feeding with a traditional feeder. By feeding down and evenly covering the all sides of the crusher, the center hole cone crusher feeder is able to ensure a longer wear life of the crusher as all sides wear at a similar rate.

Reduce Maintenance Downtime

The JVI single mass electromechanical feeder design eliminates the exciter springs, v-belt drives, and sheaves used in two-mass vibratory feeders common with alternative designs on the market. The JVI single mass design eliminates the natural frequency tuning issues which utilizing the fewer moving parts possible equating to minimal maintenance and high reliability. JVI heavy duty pan feeders designed to keep working even in the harshest industrial environments.

Higher Yields of Cubicle Material

Due to the unique feeding action of the center hole feeder, the material turns over or folds onto itself when introduced to the cone crusher thus enabling a more uniform crush and more uniform yield of cubicle rock. Additionally, this 360-degree feed improves feeding capacity by approximately 30% thus eliminating need to recirculate back thru the cone crusher a second time enhancing overall process efficiencies.

Return on Investment

Cone crusher feeders improve the crushing performance of tertiary crushers in the aggregate industry. They improve the wear life of the crusher, reduce the required maintenance, help provide higher yields of cubicle material, and higher capacities resulting in a short return on investment (ROI).

If you have a bulk material application and are looking to improve your processes contact JVI today! Our team has over 30 years’ experience in providing custom designed solutions that optimize bulk material handling processes.

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