Classifying Screen for Foundry

Classifying Screen Helps Keeps Productivity High in Foundry

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Ensuring a process line runs smoothly and efficiently is key in maximizing productivity. When screening material, it is essential that the correct sized material continues to move downstream, while the oversized material is removed from the process.  This is especially true in foundries where an increase in off-spec material can lead to inferior products and higher number of customer rejections of the final products produced.

Recently a customer running a foundry reached out to JVI wanting to replace an existing electromagnetic dosing feeder with a classifying screen to reduce the amount of oversized foundry sand being found later in their process. The JVI team worked closely with the foundry to develop their exact requirements focusing on the desired particle size and retrofitting the new equipment into the existing space of the dosing feeder it would be replacing.  JVI utilized its expertise to design a vibratory classifying screen package that would remove oversized material (+1/16”) while integrating seamlessly into the allotted dimensions of the dosing feeder.

The package included an electromechanical classifying screen The electromechanical screen is custom designed to fit within the available space and remove the oversize material. Some of the features include:

Side discharge for the “overs”:
Given the limited space available, the screen incorporated a side discharge for the overs to suit the existing equipment layout.

Extended “thrus” discharge:
The thrus discharge was extended to to convey the good material to an existing bucket elevator.

Discharge Cover:
The discharge end of the screen is supplied with a bolted cover to reduce dusting.

Single-mass Electromechanical Design:
The screen utilizes two (2) electromechanical unbalanced motors to provide high stroke for enhanced stratification and optimized screening.

Custom Support Stand:
The stand for the screen was custom designed to line up with the existing upstream and downstream equipment for easy integration.

The complete package is designed around ensuring oversize material is removed from the downstream processes.  The customer approved the package’s design and JVI began manufacturing. Today the screen is fully integrated into the foundry facility’s process line. It is screening out oversized foundry sand and helping produce a higher quality product.

If you have a bulk material application and are looking to improve your processes contact JVI today! Our team has over 30 years’ experience in providing custom designed solutions that optimize bulk material handling processes.

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