Electromagnetic Pan Feeder with Hopper and Chute Work

Electromagnetic Pan Feeder Optimizes Screening Efficiency in Recycling Facility

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Optimize Screening Efficiency

Ensuring a process line runs smoothly and efficiently is key in maximizing productivity. When screening material, it is essential the feed rate of the material entering the screen does not overwhelm it. Overwhelmed screens see a significant decrease in screening efficiency, allowing for off-spec material to remain in the process. Depending on the process this can lead to material having to be rescreened multiple times or an inferior final product being produced.

Recently a customer running a recycling facility began the process of designing a new production line in their facility and reached out to JVI to provide a feeder that could handle a mixture of non-ferrous/non-metallic material. From the feeder the material would flow down stream to a trommel screen where the materials would be separated removing unwanted material from the process.

After discussions with the customer about their materials and desired process flow, JVI utilized its expertise to design a vibratory feeder package to meet their requirements for optimizing screening efficiency. The package included an electromagnetic pan feeder with 50ft3 hopper and stand, integrated chute work, and control system with a thyristor controller.

Hopper & Stand
The hopper and stand allow for the customer to utilize a skid steer loader with a 66” wide bucket to load the materials.

Integrated Chute Work
The integrated chute work serves several purposes. It acts as a transition between the hopper and feeder ensuring optimum flow from the hopper into the feeder. It eliminates material spillage by enclosing the space between the hopper and feeder. Finally, it sets the material height for the feeder ensuring an even, consistent flow of material.

Electromagnetic Pan Feeder & Control System
The electromagnetic pan feeder was chosen for its 0-100% feed rate adjustability and its low maintenance design. Because of the relatively light bulk density of the material JVI was able utilize an electromagnetically driven pan feeder that when paired with the control system’s thyristor controller is able to adjust its feed rate to ensure the downstream trommel screen is fed at a rate that maximizes efficiency. The vibratory feeder utilizes a low maintenance electromagnetic drive that does not require greasing or lubrication.

The complete package is designed around ensuring a smooth, controlled bulk material flow throughout the process.  The electromagnetic pan feeder is able to be precisely set at the feed rate the downstream trommel screen requires to achieve its highest screening efficiency and to ensure a high-quality final product.  The customer approved the package’s designed and JVI began manufacturing. Today the equipment is working in the recycling facility’s new process line controlling the material flow and optimizing the trommel screens screening efficiency.

If you have a bulk material application and are looking to improve your processes contact JVI today! Our team has over 30 years’ experience in providing custom designed solutions that optimize bulk material handling processes.

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