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Spiral Elevators

JVI Vibrating Spiral Elevators are designed for the elevating of bulk material within a compact area. This machine eliminates degradation during elevation by utilizing a gentle vibratory motion. The helical pattern of the Spiral Elevator's trough creates a long conveying path with high retention time that makes it ideal for cooling, heating or dewatering processes in a small workspace. Several heat treatment options are available for JVI’s Spiral Elevators. These include air vents for direct heating/cooling and jacketed flights for contact heating/cooling via water, oil or steam.

As with all JVI equipment, our Spiral Conveyors are engineered to meet your exact application requirements. Therefore designs vary depending on the process, material, conveying path, and the various surrounding conditions. JVI Spiral Elevators can be designed with heights from 3 to 25 feet.

Available in configurations that are CSA certified to be explosion-proof.


  • No degradation of elevated material
  • Small work space footprint
  • Low maintenance - high quality, efficient, reliable drives
  • Long conveying path is ideal for thermal treatment
  • Proportionally adjustable, repeatable performance for 0% to 100% feed rate adjustability

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